Our Team


Lee Browning

Founder; Financial Advisor

Lee graduated from Centennial College and Seneca College proceeded by a successful career in the automotive industry for 20 years.  For 12 of those years, he owned a championship race car team, winning all over Canada and the United States.

In early childhood, the idea of accumulating money fascinated Lee. His passion for investing in the stock market and real estate beginning at the age of 19 led to his ultimate career change in January 2000 to Freedom 55 Financial. Lee likes to say “my passion became my career.”

Now, as a business owner and family man, he worries about financial security the same way you do. Nothing satisfies him more than helping reduce that worry and seeing clients live the lifestyle they want.

A goal motivated person, Lee sets them, puts his head down and gets them done!  Helping clients set their own goals is his main mission.  Lee will push you to protect what you’ve built with his personal experience and tax planning strategies. Lee is a man of integrity and will keep his word and follow through on what he says he will do – treating people the way he wants to be treated.

Like most business owners, when Lee works, he works hard. On his time off, it’s to be with his wife, Brenda, two boys, Josh and Mike, Josh’s wife Anastasija, grandson Jadon and granddaughter Tayah, at the cottage or entertaining family and friends.

Joe Flynn

Managing Partner; Certified Financial Planner

Solving problems isn't simply what Joe does – it's who he is. From an early age, his father could be heard saying "if you want a job done well, ask a Flynn to do it." Joe has a talent for tackling complex problems with simple solutions He’s honed this unique skill over a 20-year management career in financial services.

London Life recruited Joe directly from St Francis Xavier University in 1996, while he was completing his degree in Business & Computer Science. As the past-president of GAMA Canada, Joe is a leader in financial services and has hired, trained, and developed a great many financial advisors. As a manager, he was fortunate enough to be associated with both of his now business partners, Lee Browning and Mark Sampson.

Although Joe is a Certified Financial Planner, it is his imagination and creativity that powers his ability to develop retirement and estate plans customized to your specific situation. His love of problem solving combined with an affinity for numbers, drives his natural talent to understand and guide you to achieving your goals.

A resident of Etobicoke with his wife Amy, and children Hannah and Sam, Joe has a passion for anything sports related. Since his playing days are over, he enjoys coaching the kids.

Mark Sampson

Certified Financial Planner

Joining the financial services industry in 1994, Mark gained his experience through mutual fund companies, boutique investment firms and the banking industry.

Mark values continuing education, as he holds his Certified Financial Planning, Certified Health Specialist, Chartered Life Underwriter and Certified Executor Advisor designations.

Integrity is his guiding light and Mark assures his clients it will never be compromised.

Mark is a planner. Setting goals, creating a plan and sticking to it. Mark believes you need a strong foundation of insurance products before you can confidently venture into other investment vehicles. The plans he builds are effective, and give you the confidence to handle any obstacle and take advantage of opportunities.

Mark enjoys being in nature, is passionate about the environment and loves to travel. Mark values spending time with his wife Anastazia and twins Abigail and Christian

Bev DeGeer

Executive Assistant

With over 40 years’ experience, Bev is an indispensable asset to the Southlake team. She works with our advisors to generate revenue, process forms and complete trades; always getting the job done. We all agree that, without Bev, we would not be able to function the way we do.

When she’s not in the office, Bev enjoys spending time at the cottage with her husband Chris, daughter Ashley and future son-in-law Ryan, as well as her loving dog Mackenzie.

Graduating from York University in 2018 with a degree in Psychology, Sarah began her role in financial services by working as a Sales Support Associate at Canada Life. There, she worked in life insurance and living benefits products, partnering with experienced wholesalers. This past February, Sarah joined the Southlake team. From an early age, Sarah knew she wanted to be a financial advisor, having grown up with family in the business and seeing the good our industry does for people. Living in Whitby, Sarah services the Durham Region as well as London, Ontario as her family is all still in the Forest City.

In her spare time, Sarah coaches track and field with York where she was once an athlete herself.

Sarah Hiscott

Associate Financial Advisor

Since her husband, Lee, started his career as a Financial Advisor, Brenda has been his cheerleader every step of the way.  She acknowledges that their strengths and weaknesses are a perfect blend and she has never once regretted the decision to work with and for her husband. 

Brenda works closely with our clients to help them with questions they have as well as keeping our clients information up-to-date in our data system. Brenda wears many hats within Southlake, always doing all she can to help. Most of all, Brenda loves the personal relationships she and Lee have developed with their clients. She is very grateful to be a part of this industry, as she has learned much about it herself personally, gaining knowledge with each day.

In her time way from the office, Brenda spends many weekends having fun at the cottage with her sons Mike and Josh, daughter-in-law Anatasija, grandson Jadon and granddaughter Tayah.

Brenda Browning

Office Manager

Wendy has been the voice of Southlake Wealth & Estate Group since 2009. You’ve no doubt heard her when calling to arrange review meetings or answering your questions over the phone.

Her cheerful and friendly manner make her a valued member of the team.

In Wendy’s spare time, she enjoys her family, golfing, boating and travelling.

Wendy Gleed

Client Service Representative