Products We Work With



  • Term Life Insurance: You get temporary protection for a set period (10 years, 20 years, to age 100). You pay the same amount for the whole term until you renew it, convert it or end your protection. Great for short term needs such as mortgages or loans you are working to pay off.

  • Whole Life Insurance: Your coverage is guaranteed for life. The premiums you pay are invested in accounts by the insurance company, your money grows, giving you “extra” money on top of your initial death benefit – fantastic for tax efficiency as well as keeping up with inflation. You have the ability to borrow or withdraw cash value that is built up in your policy.

  • Universal Life Insurance: Your coverage is guaranteed for life plus there are options that let you put extra money into your policy – Universal Life is basically a “hybrid” of life insurance and investments. This extra money can grow, allowing you to borrow or withdraw from the policy.

  • Critical Illness: Have you ever known anyone to suffer from a serious medical condition? Were they prepared financially? Critical illness insurance will provide you with a lump sum of money should you need to stop working due to illness and can help you pay for medical treatments not otherwise covered by group plans or OHIP.

  • Disability: In the unfortunate circumstance that something should happen, preventing you from being able to work for a certain period of time, disability insurance can replace a percentage of your income, assisting to take away some of the financial stress of not working.

  • Health & Dental Plans/Travel Insurance: We work with many carriers to bring you tiered options for your personal health and dental plans along with travel insurance. Flexibility, waiting periods and affordability are, of course, taken into consideration. The plans may be used alongside your current group plan.


  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP): A vital part of your retirement plan, an RRSP is a savings and investment account that you actively contribute towards while working, in order to fund your retirement without loss of income. Once you make the decision to retire, this is converted to an account that allows you to take out funds and begin enjoying the next stage of your life.

  • Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA): A savings and investment vehicle that allows you to contribute up to an annual limit while growing your money completely tax-free. You can take out funds whenever you like.

  • Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP): A savings plan promoting the growth of money through investments specifically for your child’s post-secondary education. No out of pocket fee’s when they begin post-secondary, because you’ve been saving their whole life.

  • Annuities: You can invest a lump sum of money to create a monthly stream of income for a certain amount of time or for the rest of your life. The income can start now (immediate) or in the future (deferred).

  • Segregated and Mutual Funds